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Why People Choose To Work With Us

We're extremely proud of the testimonials our clients have given our Head Trainer, Andy Preston,
plus the rest of our team.

We've worked across a variery of industry sectors (see general testimonials) but also have worked extensively within recruitment., telecoms, print and office supplies and with small businesses.

You can see these "sector specific" testimonials below the "general"

We look forward to generating the same results for you that we have
for our existing clients!

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Sales Training

To see how we can
help you best, contact
Andy Preston now
on 0845 130 6779

We're very proud of the fact that we've got some great testimonials from a variety of industry sectors.  Please see below for sector specific testimonials....

General Testimonials

    “An immensely practical, hands-on, enlightening approach to the required skills, pitfalls and procedures of cold calling!  Highly recommended”
    Eric Hearn, Business Scene

    “Andy has taken experienced sales engineers and taken them to a new level”
    Neil Ashton, Sales Manager, Packaging Automation

    “This course has changed in 1 day my perceptions of calling that I’ve had for over 5 years in sales”
    Gavin Colquhoun, Southern Sales Manager, Guava Technologies

    “Good course, well run, excellently presented with credibility and professionalism”
    Robert Nugent, Sales Consultant, Anthony K Associates

    “It does exactly as it says on the cover”
    Nigel Haddon, Managing Partner, SAS Daniels Solicitors

    “This has been the best and most effective training course I have attended by far.  The results were clear immediately”
    Rebecca Chung, Sales Engineer, Packaging Automation

    The techniques taught in this course will provide a valuable contribution to the sales cycle in my organisation
    Andy Mills, TWN Solutions

    I love your courses and they give me motivation"
    Amanda Gleave, Director, The Magazine

    “Well worth doing.  Will allow you to  perform cold calling with more confidence and achieve better results!”
    John Dumbell, Sales Engineer, Packaging Automation

    “Excellent and refreshing!  I thought I had been on all the courses and knew it all – but I have been proved wrong.  I will blast my sales target!  A real “now why wasn’t I doing it that way” wake-up call!
    Catherine Simcox, Business Manager, PPC Worldwide

    “The first Sales Trainer I’ve ever met who walks his talk!  He over-delivers on this practical and down-to-earth course”
    Gary Plunkett, Director, High Achievers

    “Techniques you can take away and instantly put into practice”
    Sarah Disney, Regional Corporate Development Manager – Macmillan Cancer Support

    “This course will help to give you a simple, effective approach to cold calling, allaying any fears of lack of confidence in making that call”

    Mark Leaning, Sales Engineer, Packaging Automation

    "I used to be a 'pathetic' cold caller - I would apologise at the start of the call and bought every objection offered. Having attended Andy's "Cold Calling" course I can now make cold calls with confidence and I get business."
    Tony Cooke - Cat 3 Business Systems

    “I now have a feeling of enhanced confidence about future presentations”
    Richard Smith, Equity Partner, SAS Daniels Solicitors

     “One of the best courses I've ever been on.  Certainly THE most effective and useful sales-related course I've ever been on by miles (and I've been on a few!).  My only regret is that I didn't do this course years ago!  The morning was life-changing and the afternoon was full of practical, do-able, easy-to-understand skills.  This course is a MUST for anyone who has to sell as part of their role (or knows they should but isn't currently doing it).  It was amazing - thank you"
    Mick Miller, Director, Power To Present

    Recruitment Testimonials

    "Andy has given me the skills and confidence to progress my career”
    Stevan Judd, Business Development Manager, Jumar Solutions

    “You can learn more from Andy Preston in 1 day than from other comparably priced courses in a week!  It’s new, refreshing and I can’t wait to prove the methods, many thanks”
    Andy Green, Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Doctor

    Andy has an ability to give you the confidence in yourself in just one day of training to completely change your mindset towards calling clients.  His enthusiasm for what he does is infectious and will improve performance if followed
    Dianna Slade, Consultant, Evolution Recruitment

    “A fantastic injection of confidence, sales skills and vision - thanks Andy!"
    Mary Pratt, Director, Cocoabean Recruitment

    “Andy is an enthusiastic trainer who can relate the techniques from his own sales experience - that gives it all credibility”
    TM, Senior Consultant, IT Recruiter

    “I completely recommend this course – Andy is a excellent trainer”
    Sarah Miller, Recruitment Consultant, Goldhawk Associates

    This training has re-awakened my confidence to cold call and when implemented (with all my colleagues) will have a serious impact on our bottom line
    Wendy Davis, Director, Workforce Recruitment Solutions

    “Even if you think you know it all, this course is a must”
    LG, IT Recruiter

    “Andy’s approach is very pro-active and confidence boosting.  He provides real-life solutions to every day sales-based problems”
    Jamie Sears, Senior Consultant, SQ Computer Personnel

    “I have 11 years of recruitment experience and felt enlightened!”
    NJ, Senior Consultant, IT Recruiter

    “This course will not only increase revenue dramatically but also job satisfaction
    Cheryl Lewis, Temps Consultant, Brook Street

    “Great ideas for handling objections which means we will be able to break into more clients!”
    Mike Casson, Director, Evolution Recruitment

    With practice, I feel that the skills learned today will help me develop into one of the most successful consultants in the market today!
    MG, Consultant, IT Recruiter

    “Definitely worth doing as it allows us to view negotiating as less of a “fear” area, and more of a strength”
    Will Rowe, Sales Manager, Selecture Global

    “In the 4 weeks since the session I’ve managed to place 4 permanent staff and 2 contractors, which was the best period I’ve had so far.  Overall this has given me more confidence and a better work rate, as well as increasing business by 100%”
    RT, Consultant, IT Recruiter

     Telecoms Testimonials

    “The course was well presented and has put a whole new perspective onto things for the team – and we found results instantly”
    Carl Lowe, Managing Director, Microcare Systems

    "This is a no-nonsense course that will get results - from the sales novice to the high acheiving salesperson"
    Alex Doubleday, Sales, Telecoms Company

    “Take in as much as possible and implement the changes -
    they work!"
    Matthew Croxford, Sales Director, Citytalk Communications

    "If you think those who can, do....and those who can't, teach....Andy Preston will show your your perspective needs changing!"
    Justin R, Sales Consultant, Telecoms Company

    "After two sessions of training, my gross profit has increased by 100%"
    Edward Lewis, Sales, PMG

    "It's been less than 2 days back in the office since your cold calling course. The change is remarkable.  Stats are back on top, attitude is sky high and this selling game seems easy again – only needed the pointers to get me back on track and winning again.

    I would advise anyone to use Andy he is a breath of fresh air and his approach is honest – For those wanting to succeed in sales this man will help you with the attitude required and give you excellent tips and structure that do work!

    Only use this man it is the best investment ever – I paid for my course within 30 minutes of being back on the phone"
    Fraser Higson, Mobile Telecoms Company

    “If your objective is to make very call have value, learn how to make them this way!”
    Elaine Dixon, Sales Manager, Microcare Systems

    “Going back to the telephones with Andy listening to our new procedures, I managed to get £4,000 worth of orders”
    Collette Green, Sales, Telecoms Company

     Media/Print/Office Supplies Testimonials

    "I would recommend this course to any salesperson, whether you believe you are a master at cold calls or have no experience at all, there is something for everyone to learn"
    Scott Pearn, Internal Sales, Manchester Office Supplies

    “This course has given me confidence, enthusiasm and structure to cold calling – excellent!”
    Robert Irving, Sales Consultant, Arrow Business Machines

    “This course is a fantastic way to open your eyes.  It gives delegates the platform to succeed in sales.  All the fears I had of cold calling are erased!”
    Simon Joss, Sales Manager, UK Seating Direct

    “Find the time and budget to do this course - it will pay for itself manty times over"
    Steve Ward, Managing Director, Award Signs and Business Gifts

    “This course has given me confidence, and I’ll re-look at every part of my sales process”
    John Raduch, Managing Director, The Graphics Department (Printing.Com)

    “This course has certainly changed my attitude towards cold calling and I look forward to implementing the newly learned techniques
    Birgit Wilde, Director, M3 Publishing

    “Andy never fails to inspire you into making those dreaded sales calls and after every seminar I've attended I've been fired up to hit the phones striaght away!"
    Rick Guttridge, MD, Brazen PR

     Financial Services Testimonials

    "Andy Preston is the Derren Brown of the sales world - brilliant!"
    Carrie Richardson, Consultant, Manson Insurance Group

    "I would highly recommend anyone involved with sales attend one of Andy's breakfast meetings - they are a revelation!"
    Paul Sweeny, Nat West Bank

    "If you are a 'sales-led organisation' get in touch with Andy NOW...Results will improve your bottom line and you will have a more motivated workforce"
    Rory Woolridge, Professional Fee Protection

    "Andy's training events are fantastic.  They offer tremendous value and benefit any sales team looking to succeed.  He certainly knows his stuff and gets the best out of the people on the course.  Keep up the great work Andy"
    Andrew Allen, Managing Director, Accredit Financial Services

    Andy is clear, concise and very motivating!"
    Janice Russell, HSBC Bank

    "This is a course that stands out from the others available.  Andy is a sales genius and can push you in the same direction"
    Ian Bennett, Manson Insurance Group

    Small Business Testimonials

    “If you are currently hesitant about cold calling and know you should do it but you can’t stop procrastinating, attend this course!”
    Derek Sorenson, Owner, Website Repairs

    “It has taken the myths out of sales and allowed it to be learned as a process”
    Munyi Mwara, Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce

    “A fantastic day, for small businesses particularly.  I went away feeling more enthusiastic than in months!” 
    Paul Johnson, PJ Consulting

    “I learned more in 1 day than in 7 months on the job”
    Phil Ball

    “I feel that this has given me the confidence and positive attitude I need to be successful and to help grow the business”
    Judith Moss

    "Must-have training for new starters and refreshing for professional sales mangers”
    M.Naveed Ashraf

    “Highly informative and motivational seminar”
    Ben Haughton

    “This is an opportunity to learn or revitalize your sales skills…..don’t miss it!”
    Steve Moss

Call Andy Preston on 0845 130 6779 to discuss your needs in more detail and to find out how we can help you!  You can also contact us here.

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