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Sales Coaching For You And

Your Team To Improve Sales

If you've like some of our existing sales coaching clients, you may be having challenges with some of the following.....

Keeping your sales team motivated?..

Running effective sales meetings that inspire and motivate the team?....

Keeping the team focused on winning new business?.....

Getting the team to pro-actively do cold calling, rather than just when you're standing over them?....

They're making (or taking) plenty of calls but not necessarily turning them into business?

Salespeople taking "no" for an answer too easily?

Sales Training

To discuss your individual
needs in more detail,
contact Andy Preston now
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Why Should You Invest In Sales Coaching For Your Team?

Let's face it - salespeople don't always do what they're told, do they?

They get de-motivated, stop prospecting for new business, turn up late for appointments, don't ask the right questions and avoid cold calling and new business generation like the plague!

Even when you've trained them what to do, often in the moment they don't do it, do they?  Most sales managers tell us how frustrating that is.  That's exactly why we specifically designed our Sales Coaching services to help you.

So Why Do Our Sales Coaching Services Work?

As mentioned above, salespeople quickly fall into bad habits (failure to prospect, getting de-motivated, not putting into practice skills they already have) and that's one of the biggest causes of lost sales.

Our Sales Coaching services are designed to keep salespeople on a path of continuous improvement, with results demonstrated at each session.

So How Can I Tell When My Team Need Sales Coaching?

Do any of the things below feel familiar to you?  If they are that means you could get great value from sales coaching......

  • Do your salespeople have problems with objections, or getting past gatekeepers?
  • Do your sales team avoid pro-active sales activity, like cold calling?
  • Do they achieve target one month, but fail to hit it the next?
  • Do your team know the answers to objections, but when an objection comes  up, they seem to be stuck for a credible answer?
  • Do you tell your team "don't do business below xyz price", and find out afterwards that they did business at a lower price?
  • Do your sales team make plenty of calls, but fail to turn them into business?
  • Have you done some training with the team (or had training done previously) but feel like you're banging your head on a brick wall when it doesn't turn up in their sales calls?

As A Sales Manager, Shouldn't I Be Doing This?

As a sales manager, there are so many things you're expected to focus on, you can't reasonably be expected to continually coach and mentor every salesperson on yoru team!

In reality, the only time salespeople tend to get attention is when the spotlight is on them - usually for the wrong reasons!

By choosing to work with one of our coaches, you're choosing to work with someone who is vastly experienced  at spotting the bad habits and behaviours that stop salespeople achieving what they're truly capable of, as well as not putting existing techniques into practice properly!

    Why not call Andy Preston now on 0845 130 6779 to discuss your situation and find out how we can help?  You can also contact us here.

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